2018 Introductory Course – Register Here

Posted on May 21, 2018

The Steveston Kendo Club will be offering an introductory course to Kendo, the Japanese way of the sword, for Adults and Students ages 8–15 this summer.   From this course, you’ll learn: The basics of kendo etiquette The origins of kendo and kendo history How to hold a shinai (a bamboo sword) How to move […]

Results of the 2017 Steveston Kendo Tournament

Posted on Feb 11, 2017

10 Years & Under 1st: T. Ariga (BUT) 2nd: K. Yoshimura (REN) 3rd: N. Son (REN); S. Tominaga (REN) 11–13 Years 1st: J.Huang (NCKF) 2nd: Onitsuka (NCKF) 3rd: B .Miki (STV), C. Robillard (STV) 14–15 Years 1st: P. Ikeda (NCKF) 2nd: R. Kim (REN) 3rd: E. Chui (STV); E.T. Chen (NCKF) Junior Team 1st: NCKF […]