Tournament Results: 2015 Annual PNKF

Way to go Steveston!

Great job bringing home a treasure trove of hardware from our Annual trip to the PNKF tournament! Here’s how our club members did this year:

Cole Robillard – 1st place (10 yrs & und)
Riley Nakano – 3rd place (10 yrs & und)
Brian Miki – 1st place (11-12 yrs)
Mika Iwai – 2nd place (13-15 yrs)
Kenta Muramatsu – 3rd place (13-15 yrs)
Sarah Rotenberg – 3rd place (Women’s Kyu)
David Yao – 2nd place (1-2 Dan)
Senior Team* – 2nd place
*Team members: Nakano-Sensei, Iwai-Sensei, Ian Miki, Isao Takagaki,┬áSean O’Sullivan

The PNKF Tournament is held at the Kent Common’s Centre, near Seattle, Washington USA.