2013 University of Washington Tournament

This is one of my favorite tournaments of the year. It’s a smaller tournament but well attended by many clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest. This year’s highlights—

Steveston Kendo Club once again had a great showing at the 2013 tournament, placing 8 times in 6 different categories placing 8 times in the 7 available categories.

Vincent Yu lost in the final match in the 0-4 Kyu category to take 2nd place. David Yao returned to his winning ways by taking home 1st place in the 1-3 Kyu category. Ryan Murao once again won the 1-2 Dan category just like he did at the Steveston tournament. Wendy Robillard sensei lost to her semi final match to take 3rd place in the Women’s open category. An all Steveston semi final in the 4 Dan and above category, Neal Nakano sensei outlasted Phillip Nishikihama sensei but eventually lost in the finals. Nakano-sensei and Nishikihama sensei took home the 2nd and 3rd place trophies respectively.

Steveston entered 2 teams in the Team competition and took home the top 2 trophies. Steveston A (Paul Lee, Ian Miki, Neal Nakano sensei, Phillip Nishikihama sensei, and Mina Kobayashi) beat the younger Steveston B team (A. Lee of Vancouver, Leo Leung, Ryan Murao, Sean O’Sullivan, G. Mizutani of Renbu) in a series of competitive matches highlighted by a couple of blackouts caused by the stormy weather in the Seattle area. One of the blackouts occurred during the final match when one of the competitors kept striking their opponent in the dark. Good Gravy!

Other highlights of the day included David winning his final match which seemed to take hours. Mina won her first 1st place trophy as team captain. And who can forget Sean pushing Nishikihama sensei out of bounds in the family grudge match during the team competition. By far the most exciting time was the final of the team competition where we were able to see club member fight club member. Can’t wait until we get to see another 2 Steveston teams battling it out for club bragging rights.

The day was capped off having dinner with all the team members and 1 fan at a buffet restaurant on the way home. This could have been the highlight of the night—where we all get to sit around reminiscing over the events of the day.

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